Account Termination

In order to maintain server space for current and paying clients, old and inactive/unpaid accounts are regularly purged from our system. Per our Terms of Use, accounts will be scheduled for termination on or after 15 days following the most recent unpaid invoice due date.

If you wish to maintain your website services but can not pay in full for any reason, contact our support team to discuss your options before your services are suspended!

Bizzy Mama Hosting is not responsible for lost sales, data, web templates and/or design, information, content, website traffic, codes, or anything else related to your website and/or web hosting services being lost, ruined, changed, or altered in any way or edited due to account suspension and/or termination. Accounts that are terminated off our servers have been removed forever. We are unable to retreive terminated accounts. This includes any and all of the details listed above, or any that may not have been mentioned.

Last Updated: 04/13/2017

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