How can I park a domain? What is a parked domain?

A parked domain name is an additional domain name that leads to the same place as the main domain name for your account. Parked domains are often used by businesses that want to have more than one web address for advertising purposes, or for businesses that have more complicated or longer URL's.

For example, if you had and wanted to lead to the same place, you would park on You can easily do this from your cPanel.

To read more about domain parking, visit this Wiki article:

To watch our online video tutorial showing how to navigate your cPanel to park a domain, click here:

To park a domain, follow these instructions:

    Login to cPanel and click the Parked Domains icon.
    In the box to the right of New Domain Name, provide the domain name for which you would like to park on top of your primary domain.
    Click Add Domain.

To removed a parked a domain, follow these instructions:

    Login to cPanel and click Parked Domains.
    At the bottom, under Actions, click Remove.

Domains must be registered with a valid registrar and have their nameservers pointing to Bizzy Mama Hosting before they can be parked.
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